Preventive Care

Every day life is stressful for the body.  Some of this stress is positive stress, and some of this stress is negative.  Negative stress is characterized by unfavorable adaptations in the body such as pain or stiffness in the joints or muscles, fatigue, and decreased performance.  Many of us do not give a great deal of consideration about negative stress and increasing needs for recovery.  When we experience pain, the problem has frequently been developing for days, weeks or longer.

We can help you unload this negative stress by providing comprehensive musculoskeletal care.  Many of our patients, once they are released from active care for an injury, choose to continue care every few weeks for a head-to-toe evaluation and treatment.

This provides several benefits for them:

  • Fix Small Problems before they become Big Problems – An injury is much easier to treat when it is caught in its early stages, rather than waiting until symptoms force you to stop the activities you love.
  • Maintain Performance – Regular maintenance care can help keep your performance at a high level, rather than being dragged down by small aches and pains.
  • Regular Dialogue with your Physician – One of the biggest complaints that patients have about healthcare today is that their physician doesn’t spend enough time talking to them, or have a good enough understanding of their healthcare concerns.  Regular contact with us will insure that we addresses your concerns as they develop, and provide recommendations along the way.

Many activities of daily living involve a considerable amount of stress on the mind and body.  Consider a person that has neck and shoulder stiffness on a regular basis.  Perhaps that stress is due to working at a desk or other duties at work.  While you can modify your activities to decrease the stress on your body, regular treatment can keep these aches and pains to a minimum.

Below are some exercise and stretching instructions for you.

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