“I was in a car accident 10 years ago and sustained multiple injuries from my head to my hips. It was a long and painful recovery. I was referred to Dr Wiles for his specialization in upper cervical work, which was up to that point missing from my treatment plans. I was under chiropractic care from other doctors before treatment at Wiles Chiropractic and only received marginal improvements. When I first visited Dr Wiles I had constant pain, limited functionality and was at this point chronic. Dr Wile’s treatment plan definitely was a missing piece and integral to my overall recovery. My condition improved greatly under his care. Dr Wiles is an excellent, caring, and effective chiropractor. He not only performs adjustments but he also recommended exercises for my home care. He takes the time to show you how to the exercises and also supports a healthy lifestyle—he walks the walk. I have always received top notch care from Dr Wiles and his office is ran professionally from his wife Pam. Together this team provides top notch customer services and chiropractic care needs. I have recommended Dr Wiles to close friends and family. I now call him Dr Feel Good because his treatments work and he has on many occasions helped me to have reduced pain and increased function.”


I have had chronic back issues for years. About a year ago the pain worsened and eventually got so bad that I could barely walk and certainly couldn’t sleep for more than an hour or two at a time. After several tests which included an MRI, I was diagnosed with three bulging and several compressed disks. The hospital spine specialist referred me to Dr. Wiles and what happened next was a life-saver. Dr. Wiles explained my diagnosis very clearly and talked about a treatment plan. By the time I had my first adjustment I knew the what, why, and how for future visits. After the first few adjustments I started to feel relief. Jump forward 6 months, I was sleeping through the night, exercising and just felt better. As of today, I’ve lost 12 pounds and look and feel so much healthier. From day one I was treated like I was part of the Wiles family, not just a number. Pam greets me with a smile and always accommodates my busy schedule. She handles all the insurance billing…all I have to do is show up for the appointments. A very professional yet family based practice. Thanks, Greg and Pam. Looking and feeling better is priceless.

– D. R. – Univ. Pl., WA.

Dear Dr. Wiles and Pam, I had been seeing the same AO Dr. for twenty years. “But things changed,” notably I was spending more days in his office, my adjustments weren’t holding. The trip was a full thirty minutes each way, and the wait was anywhere from one to two hours a shot, making the outing a 2-3 hour affair. The final straw was the woman in charge of the billing. Let me cut this short… it was hell on wheels. It was so frustrating; to the point of maddening that after parting ways we actually went months in pain rather than trying someone new. We were aware of your practice in University Place, Washington, but hadn’t even taken the time to drive by or check out your website. I personally think we were just burned out. So when I finally got on line I was taken back by the trust and sincere testimony of all those who wrote their personal recommendations of you. I took the plunge and called. That was three months ago. My horrible, crippling headaches are half of what they were, the exercises you gave me, and the admonition to better posture is already reaping dividends. Your focus on balanced, well-rounded care and exercise is both down to earth and practical. But the other half is your other half. Pam is great at what she does and how she does it. She is fair on the contractual part of things, but is also aggressive and persistent in the accrual of needed and pertinent information to the end of getting every body paid, happy and balanced, well at least as far as their checkbook goes. But it is the blue Jolly Ranchers that keep me coming back. You guys rock,

– T. W.

The man is truly wonderful. After 22 years of pain and 5 years of having to rely on a cane he set me straight in about 6 months. He showed me (in words and ways an idiot like me could understand) what he wanted to do to me and what I could do to help myself from ever having to rely on that cane again. I can now sleep straight through the night and then wake up and get up without pain. Stairs and steps are no longer problem. Driving a car is now pain-free. I can now sit without HAVING to cross my legs for comfort. …and get this….I GREW over an inch! (No, I didn’t really “Grow”, but I CAN stand up straight now). Gregory and his staff are very pleasant, professional people and extremely easy to talk to. I will recommend Dr. Wiles to everyone I know. Thank you very, very much!

– Richard E.

Thanks to Dr. Wiles, I can drink beer pain free! For his sake, let me explain: One of my favorite hobbies is trying out different microbrews. In October 2006 I suffered a blow to the back of my head and neck. The injury caused a lot of pain, numbness, and limited my extracurricular activities, such as running, swimming, mountain biking, and most importantly drinking beer. Oddly enough, with just one beer I would have excruciating pain in my neck almost immediately and the following few days. No not a hangover…remember…one beer. About a year ago I was referred to Dr. Wiles and after only two weeks under his care my continuous pain decreased immensely and my “after beer” pain went from 10 to 0. When I told Dr. Wiles of my particular relief he laughed. It truly is funny but for me it was also a defining moment. Injury can bring depression by not being able to do those activities you find joy in. Dr. Wiles gave me hope that I can continue to bring those joys back into my life. I continue to see Dr. Wiles for maintenance and injury flare ups, but that pain has never come back. I have been happily drinking beer for a year now and feel much better. 7 Seas Brewery here I come!!

– Holly, Olalla, WA

I am a 50 year old woman that had a fusion done between C5/C6 approximately 15 years ago. I have seen many traditional and natural doctors. The discs above and below the fusion have degenerated and the pain was uncontrollable. I thought my working (and playing) days were over and I was headed for another operation. When I first saw Dr. Wiles a few months ago, my pain level was a 10. After x-rays and a few adjustments, my pain level is at a 2. I am so thankful that I can still take care of my problem naturally, and that there is someone out there that really cares. I have been given my quality of life back.

– Lisa Randall

This is a friendly office with great staff. Dr Wiles is personable and ready to assist his patients in gaining the best health possible. When he recognized that my injury needed care beyond chiropractic, he referred me to another doctor to get an MRI and subsequently I saw an orthopedic surgeon and then later, surgery. If it hadn’t been for Dr. Wile’s excellent knowlege and willingness to acknowledge I needed different care than chiroractic, I might have done more damage to my spine and nervous system than aready existed. Thank you Dr. Wiles for your expertise and concern for your patients.

– M.

I have had chronic back pain all of my life. As I have grown older I have acquired multiple other aches and pains. I started missing a lot of work due to my back pain and then started having neck pain that left my left arm that achy numbness feeling. I had tried other chiropractors, and thought they were going to break my back. They hurt me so bad, I was afraid to go to any one else. I finally went to the spine clinic at St. Josephs Hospital out patient clinic. There they had me get MRI’s of my upper and lower back. There were multiple things wrong and they suggested I go see a chiropractor and get massages and see an acupuncturist. They recommended Dr. Wiles very highly. So with some hesitation, I went to see him. I was so bad at the time that the pain was going down my leg and I was unable to sleep. Plus my left arm was numb and hurting as well. The first time I stepped into his office, they treated me like family. Everyone was so nice and friendly and seemed very genuine in their concern. Dr. Wiles was very caring and gave me all kinds of information of things I could do to help myself. He took x-rays of my back before he did anything else (which no one else had done). Then when he was treating me, it took just a few minutes and I was out of there. I thought to myself that there was no way what he did would make a difference, but to my surprise it did. He never hurt me and the treatment was so gentle and with a couple of treatments I was noticing a difference in the way I was feeling. He also has some wonderful massage therapists there as well that also helped to relieve my pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Wiles to any one that likes the personal touch and an easy way to relieve pain. They work with you in any way you may need, like with scheduling, I work until 5PM and they are always there for me after work. If I have a problem, I just call and they get me in right away. I am sometimes a little late due to my work and if I call, they still see me. I still have my chronic low back and always will, but it is not anything like it was. I don’t miss work; I can sleep, and get around better than I have had in a long time. The pain in my arm is gone. He is wonderful and the treatment really works. Thank you Dr. Wiles, Jo and Pam, you all are awesome.

– Denise Halbeck, Port Orchard, WA

Dr. Wiles has helped me tremendously! I have been helped In these areas: low back, upper back, neck, headaches, shoulder pain and leg pain. He has also helped me with healthy life choices and activities (even when I have been stymied in my progress due to a variety of factors!). He single-handedly was able to release my shoulder from it’s (“frozen”) hurt position when no one else was able to over a four year accident recovery period! Many providers tried and most were content to let me live with it. The pain radiated all the way down my arm and into my hand resulting in tingling pain and fatigue. One day, in addition to helping my neck and back, he used a special technique on my shoulder and it was released! I will be forever grateful and am better for this treatment, all of his other treatments, and for his unending willingness to help me no matter how life is going for me. His office staff’s kindness, professionalism and flexibility has been of tremendous help to me as well. What a team….What a gift (to me)! Thanks! Jean M. Fawver

– Jean M. Fawver

I was injured approximately 6 months before I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Wiles and his amazing staff. I had been going to two other chiropractors, physical therapy and massage therapy multiple times a week with very little improvement. It had come to the point where I just wanted to give up because I was thinking that I was going to have to live with the hip and leg nerve pain the rest of my life. I had even tried injections deep in the hip muscle and started seeing an accupunturist to try to minimize the intense pain that was now a part of my daily life. Dr Wiles started working on my hips and back, and Ricky, one of the Massage Practitioners, started working with me as well and by the end of the third week I had more improvement than I had received in 7 months before. I thank the entire office from the bottom of my heart for all they have done for me personally and all of the amazing work they continue to do to make sure that each patient not only has spinal health but whole body wellness.

– Sherri McKay

I first went to Wiles Chiropractic to correct a recurring back injury. I’ve been getting adjustments and deep tissue massage at Wiles Chiropractic for about 3 years now and my injury has been stabilized.

– Jeremy P. Seda, University Place, WA